Meditation on Evolution and Culture

April 22, 2009





Scenic Road – Carmel / Californian Pacific Coast


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 (two global PP shows) 



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(family & friends | 2008 | by Jessica Christie)



(three galleries | 2009 | by Jessica Christie)

Best Whale Watching Spot in Hermanus, S.A. by Michael Theys

South Africa: PORT ELIZABETH Connection ~ Angela Webb Gillham


     Aug 15, 2009  – Exceptional Nature, Botswana, Ant 

     Aug 16, 2009  – Savage Tribes

     Sep 12, 2009  – Recent Hindu festivals and rituals

     Nov 08, 2009 Argentina (Iguazú, …)

     Nov 15, 2009  – Chinese culture and landscapes

     Nov 16, 2009  – Asombrosas | prodigiousness 

     Nov 17, 2009  – Norway – fjords and mountains  

     Dec 11, 2009  – Snowy landscapes – Tombe la neige   

     Dec 14, 2009  – Breathtaking nature and wildlife – 28 photos

     Nov 21, 2011  National Geographic Photo Contest – 54 photos

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(Nov 4, 2012)  Unfortunately, most of the – formerly – smashing images and slide shows are no longer available because “Google Groups” had generally withdrawn the support of such pertinent pages and files, recently, due to an overall system’s change.

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Staying Outraged on Financial Debacles

April 22, 2009


“My Late Night Visits from the Ghosts of Financial Outrages Past, Present, and Future” by Arianna Huffington (HuffPost) | Huffington Post


FK Comment


Going through all the intricate information (online and print), at night, may be sort of a torture, particularly, when getting more and more outraged.

The statement of the former IMF economist Simon Johnson is remarkable: “Have we completely lost any sense of what is and is not a conflict of interest? Have we really built a system in which greed fully overshadows responsibility? Is it not time for a complete rethink of what constitutes acceptable executive behavior?”

That’s right to the point, “we might not be where we are today” without the “three big” AAA rating agencies Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch. It’s a pity that Ben Bernanke feels “comfortable”. Thus, we’ll be becoming worn down by steady drips of scandalous ‘expert concepts’.

Yes, we’ll stay outraged on that financial debacle which we encounter domestically as well as globally.

haplif – Frank Kalder (~Huffpost)

Memories of the Bavarian Lindau (Bodensee)

April 21, 2009



Lindau (Bodensee)

  Lindau (Bodensee) – Lake Constance

Animated Tour (German spoken)


(1) Isle of Lindau (Bodensee) & harbor view



(2) more city & harbor slides and information 




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Summit of the Americas – Barack Obama’s Outlines

April 20, 2009


In a news conference at the end of the fifth Summit of the Americas, Obama outlined what he is learning about the world and how he intends to engage it based on his experiences here and earlier this month in Europe and Turkey. He expressed support for a more central U.S. place in global alliances, including a firm endorsement of the United Nations, and said, “We do our best to promote our ideals and our values by our example.”


But Obama, whose reception as the first black U.S. president was at times celebratory in a region where race and poverty are intertwined, indicated that the American role in the hemisphere remains paramount given the size of its economy.


Excerpted from The Washington Post by haplif – Frank Kalder

Horses ∙ Photography ∙ Gastronomy

April 18, 2009


Recently I had an opportunity to dine at the Landgasthof Eulenmühle and, thereafter, attend the last part of a fabulous slideshow presented by

Gabriele Boiselle

in its cross-vault hall

As an internationally renowned publisher she made photos and films worldwide, such as in Africa, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Russia, Germany, and so on. From the King of Morocco she got a gift, i.e., a Berber horse, which she had to transport then – encountering a lot veterinarian and bureaucratic complications – to her German hometown Speyer in Rhineland-Palatinate.

More information (partly in English) on BOISELLE and the romantic Eulenmühle gastronomy: German Haplifnet.


haplif – Frank Kalder (Global Haplifnet)


April 15, 2009


This blog is supplementary to the multicultural GLOBAL HAPLIFNET dealing – on a weekly schedule – with worldwide politics, economics, culture, and media. 


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