Lisbon Treaty — in line with German Constitution

June 30, 2009


Germany’s top court delays ratification but says Lisbon treaty is in line with the constitution

Germany’s highest court ruled today that the European Union’s Lisbon reform treaty was compatible with German basic law but stipulated that additional national legislation was needed before the Lisbon Treaty could be ratified…

The decision by the Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe removes one of several remaining hurdles for the treaty, which aims to give the 27-nation bloc stronger leadership, a more effective foreign policy and a fairer decision-making system. All members of the bloc must ratify the document for it to take effect…

There are still three other countries holding up the process: Ireland, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Ireland is set to hold another referendum on the text later this year, after its devastating no vote last year. Polls now indicate a swing in favor of the treaty.

The Polish parliament has approved the treaty, but President Lech Kaczynski says he won’t sign until after the Irish vote. Czech President Vaclav Klaus says he will wait until the last minute to add his signature… More to read at Deutsche Welle

I agree with the conception that the treaty would protect the German constitution, not undermine it. The constitution’s preamble, dating from 1949, states that Germany wants to be an equal member of a unified Europe which works towards world peace.

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Arianna Huffington advocates Citizen Journalism

June 30, 2009


Katie Couric, Tavis Smiley, Bob Woodward, Nicholas Kristof, and I Hit YouTube with Pointers for Citizen Journalists

Citizen journalism is rapidly emerging as an invaluable part of delivering the news. With the expansion of the web and the ever-decreasing size and cost of camera phones and video cameras, the ability to commit acts of journalism is spreading to everyone.

Nothing has demonstrated the power of citizen journalism better than the recent uprising in Iran. People tweeting from demonstrations and uploading video of brutal violence taken with their camera phones have been able to tell a story, in real-time, and circumvent the efforts of the regime to control the media and the flow of information.

At HuffPost, we see citizen journalism as an integral part of what we do — and, via Eyes and Ears, our citizen journalism community, we’re harnessing the wisdom of the crowd to tackle stories too big for one reporter, attend events traditional journalists have been kept from (or have overlooked), and to find and highlight the small but evocative story happening right next door…

More to read at Arianna’s Huffpost blog (her video speech is embedded).

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Evolution – Humanismus – Humanität – Solidarität

June 30, 2009


Wie der Mensch die Menschlichkeit lernte

Von wegen permanenter Überlebenskampf: Die Evolution hat entgegen aller Vorurteile auch die Moral hervorgebracht. Evolutionsbiologe Claus Wedekind erklärt, wie wir lernten, Mitmenschen zu lieben – und warum wir unser eigenes Verhalten besser verstehen müssen, um Konflikte leichter zu lösen… Spiegel 

Leseempfehlung von haplif – Frank Kalder

Nachtrag, 20.07.09

Gehirnsimulation: … Das Hauptproblem besteht darin, dass wir nicht genau wissen, welche Variablen entscheidend sind und unbedingt in unsere hypothetische Gehirnabtastung einbezogen werden müssen … Mehr dazu von David Eagleman (Spiegel-Übersetzung)

Collective Memory — Deaths of Jackson & Fawcett

June 27, 2009


Celebrity and Collective Memory | By Karen Sternheimer; conveyed via Twitter by Ariel Carpenter, USC, Los Angeles

Certain people and events become embedded in society’s collective memory,  which is distinct from although related to our individual memories. Collective memories are typically drawn from people or events that somehow seem to symbolize important social meanings, sometimes meanings so diverse and profound we cannot define them clearly. Instead a person or situation comes to embody what otherwise might be hard to name…  More to read at EVERYDAY SOCIOLOGY 

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Ranking – European leadership college ESMT

June 22, 2009


ESMT: Highest-ranked new entrant in Financial Times ranking of Executive Education Custom Programs 2009

International business school ESMT (European School of Management and Technology) has become the first Germany-based institution to appear in the Financial Times (FT) ranking of the top 65 custom executive education providers worldwide. Its subsidiary, Customized Solutions (CS), is placed 44th in the 2009 ranking published today, making it the highest new entrant to one of the most prestigious tables of business education. Among custom executive education providers in Europe, ESMT ranks among the top 20… more to read & discover

ESMT ranked in Handelsblatt Top 25 Business Faculties

Handelsblatt, a renowned German economic newspaper, recently published a new ranking of business schools and faculties of Germany, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland.

ESMT placed 21st as one of only two private institutions to be included in the ranking. In the related ranking of the top 200 researchers and their lifetime research output, ESMT President Lars-Hendrik Röller was ranked eighth, and Associate Dean of Faculty Luc Wathieu placed 69th. When looking at the lifetime research output according to the top 15 journals, so-called A+ publications, Prof. Wathieu ranked third and Prof. Röller 16th… more to read & discover 

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Verständliche Fachliteratur zur Kindererziehung

June 22, 2009


Im Kontext mit einer ehrenamtlichen


(jugendamtliches Kinderschutznetzwerk)

halte ich folgendes Buch von Dr. Michael Winterhoff, Facharzt für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie und –Psychotherapie, Bonn, für bedeutsam und empfehlenswert:

 Warum unsere Kinder Tyrannen werden 

Oder: Die Abschaffung der Kindheit

In neun Kapiteln beleuchtet Dr. Winterhoff mit medizinischer Analyse, aber auch mit journalistischem Geschick, welche Gründe dafür sprechen, dass Mütter aufhören sollten, zwischen Super-Nanny und Verzweiflung hoffnungslos hin- und herzupendeln. Er hinterfragt gängige Vorurteile unserer Pop-Kultur („We don’t need no education“? — „Kinder an die Macht“?), illustriert, warum die Psyche eine so große Rolle spielt, was Grundschulen und Kindergärten mit der Seele unserer Kinder anstellen, warum Eltern ihr Ich nicht mit dem des Nachwuchses verschmelzen sollten — und wie es uns gelingen könnte, die „Beziehungsfähigkeit wieder herzustellen“. Auf diese Weise entwirft der Fachautor ein faszinierendes Panorama, das die privaten und sozialen Mängel unserer Erziehung ebenso aufzeigt wie mögliche Lösungswege. (Amazon-Radaktion, mod. Exzerpt) 

Auch auf sein zweites Buch “Tyrannen müssen nicht sein: Warum Erziehung allein nicht reicht – Auswege“ sei ergänzend hingewiesen.

Die beiden – für Eltern und Erzieher geschriebenen – “Fachbücher” wurden heute in einem Interview mit dem Autor bei Sat1 vorgestellt.

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US Economic Divergences & Overhaul Proposal

June 19, 2009


Mission Shrink: We’ve Gone From Saving Wall Street in Order to Save Main Street to Just Saving Wall Street

Remember how, back when taxpayers were being asked to fork over hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out Wall Street, we were told it was essential to saving Main Street? Well, in just a few months, we’ve gone from saving the banks in order to save the economy to just saving the banks. It’s the opposite of mission creep. The problem continues to be the administration’s habit of conflating the health of the Wall Street economy with the health of the real economy — when, in fact, the two economies have become decoupled. The Dow may be up 30 percent since March, but the numbers that matter most to everyday Americans — unemployment, foreclosures, credit card defaults, lending — continue to tell a very different and much sadder tale… More to read: Arianna Huffington, Huffingtonpost

 FK  C O M M E N T

Consumer spending is down in the U.S. as well as e.g. in Europe lacking confidence which has been elementarily disturbed. 9 million out-of-work USians are marking obviously a new record within the deflated economic bubble, whereas the political rhetoricians trumpet globally plenty of hot air whirls.

Hence we’ll be waiting for a – probably never coming – recoupling of the two economies, i.e., the real vs. Wall Street’s.

However, Barack Obama’s proposed overhaul  aims in a viable direction (~Global Haplifnet).

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