Validated competence – Value of human capital

July 31, 2009


World of Competence

Lack of measurable human competence costs organizations billions of dollars every year and can cause mistakes and conflicts that have legal and workplace consequences.

An organization is only as competent as its people and no longer does competence have to be assumed. At The World International Competence Centre and its World International Competency University we help our clients qualify the competence of employees and managers to standards that are consistent with desired levels of performance.

When its people are competent, an organization will operate competently. Validated competence then becomes a productivity measure and can be an essential indicator of the value of human capital in financial summaries… Read more

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The US and global recession is not yet over

July 31, 2009


More Pigs at the Trough: What Enron and WorldCom Can Teach Us About Goldman and AIGby Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post

America, it seems, can’t wait to get back to business — risky business — as usual. No matter how atrocious business has been.

Newsweek’s latest cover story declares that The Great Recession is over. A Merrill Lynch report concurs, saying, “The recession is over…We are bullish on global equities.” Goldman Sachs is placing riskier bets on the market than it did before the financial meltdown (and setting aside huge amounts of money to pay its executives).

The problem is, this victory dance is being done on top of the same shaky financial system that nearly toppled over, sending us all plummeting into the economic abyss… Read more  

It seems a political will to create and implement rules for Wall Street is not yet sufficient and, thus, a series of after-all-toothless reform measures that would not extinguish the cancer of greed and corruption may, unfortunately, be prospected.

Amended, Aug 30

  • Here’s Arianna’s book: Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political Corruption Are Undermining America. (Amazon)

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Francine Espinoza – new ESMT professor in marketing

July 30, 2009


Francine Espinoza joined ESMT in July 2009 as Assistant Professor after finishing her PhD in Marketing from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, USA. Her dissertation research investigated how consumers’ motivations influence their compliance with a product recommendation or willingness to pay for a product.

She is very interested in learning why consumers behave the way they do and is giving continuity to her research in the area of consumer behavior at ESMT. She said, “The more we learn, the more we see that we don’t know much yet. Academic research is all about going beyond the frontier of current knowledge.”… Read more 

Source: ESMT newsletter of July 30, 2009 

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Michael Schmidt-Salomon’s new ETHICS assessment

July 29, 2009


A brand new – philosophically and sociologically relevant – book (presented at Haplifnet German is ready for ordering (July 29).

          Addendum: Just received this excellent book today (Sep 7).


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Dr. Michael Schmidt-Salomon – aktuelle Wertedebatte

July 29, 2009


Ein Plädoyer wider die Moral von “Deutschlands Chef-Atheist” (Der Spiegel)

Das neue Buch von Dr. Michael Schmidt-Salomon, deutscher Philosoph und Schriftsteller,

Jenseits von Gut und Böse: Warum wir ohne Moral die besseren Menschen sind (Veröffentlichung am 11.09.09) 

kann bereits bei Amazon bestellt werden.

Kurzbeschreibung: Moral steht in der aktuellen Wertedebatte wieder hoch im Kurs, und mit unseren Urteilen sind wir meist schnell bei der Hand. Doch setzen wir vielleicht auf das falsche Pferd? Michael Schmidt-Salomon, streitbarer Kämpfer gegen den (Un)-Geist unserer Zeit, entlarvt den freien Willen und die religiös verankerte Aufteilung in Gut und Böse als Illusionen. Aber was bedeutet es, Ernst zu machen mit dem Abschied von der Willensfreiheit? Und was heißt es tatsächlich, die Kategorien Gut und Böse hinter sich zu lassen? Der Autor zeigt nicht nur die fatalen Konsequenzen moralistischer Weltdeutungen auf, sondern vor allem, wie es uns in ihrer Überwindung gelingen kann, eine säkulare und menschenfreundliche Ethik zu entwickeln – mit erstaunlichen lebenspraktischen und gesellschaftlichen Folgen. (

Eine vollständige Inhaltsangabe ist auf der Homepage des Autors eingestellt. Zusätzlich gibt’s noch ein  Video zum Buch.


 – SF-Sternstundentisch mit Michael Schmidt-Salomon (Video, 13.09.09)

 – gbs-Newsletter, 05.08.2009 (s.a. Aufklärung & Bericht 2008, pdf)      

 – Evolutionärer Humanismus (Wikipedia)

 – Gegenwartshumanismus im deutschen Haplifnet 

 – Gedanken zum “Evomanismus”, Adriana Schatton, GBS-Förderkreis 

 – JvGuB nicht positiv bewertet; Dr. Ulrich Leinhos-Heinke (Dec 01) 

 – FAQ zu JvGuB von Michael Schmidt-Salomon  | Volltext (PDF, Dec 01)

 – MSS-Vortrag zu JvGuB | “Unmoralisches Angebot” (YouTube, Dec 04)

 – Andreas Mueller: “Im Labyrinth der Willensfreiheit“ (hpd, Dec 05)

 – Das Problem mit der Willensfreiheit (Diskurs-Übersicht, Dec 08)

 – Abschied von der Willensfreiheit? Teil 2, Andreas Müller (hpd, Dec 11)

 – Evo-Humanismus vs. Religionen, Bernd Ehlert (Dec 11)

 – Hirnforschung und Willensfreiheit, Ingo-Wolf Kittel (Dec 11) 

 – Brief an Bundespräsident Horst Köhler  | HPD-Artikel (Dec 17)

 – Streitgespräch Wolf Singer/Julian Nida-Rümelin (Dec 18) 

 – Willensfreiheit 3: Das Marionettentheater, Andreas Müller (Dec 18)  

 – Wege aus dem Labyrinth (1),  Michael Schmidt-Salomon (HPD, Jan 11)

 – Wege aus dem Labyrinth (2),  MSS (HPD, Jan 14)

 – Wege aus dem Labyrinth (3),  MSS (HPD, Jan 21)


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Opportunity Cost of the US Bank Bailout

July 25, 2009


States Forced to Cut Services to the Bone: The Opportunity Cost of the Bank Bailoutby Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post


It’s a perfect storm of suffering.

Looking at all the money that has gone to the banks — and how well they seem to be doing, using it to bolster their bottom line (and even buy other banks) — while the real economy is doing so poorly, proves just how wrong the government’s approach to the recovery has been.

This approach was on full display during Bernanke’s back-to-back testimony in front of the House … and the Senate … He pointed to the bulls charging down Wall Street and the ballooning bottom line of the big banks as evidence that the steps taken by the Treasury and the Fed had helped avert a financial disaster. But he admitted that the prospects for increased employment or a decrease in home foreclosures wasn’t likely for the next couple of years. And he admitted that “financial conditions remain stressed, and many households and businesses are finding credit difficult to obtain.”

But wasn’t that the main reason for the bailout — to get the banks lending again?

Read more at Arianna’s HuffPost blog.

While the blog imparts a thorough analysis I particularly endorse the excerpted prospects.

haplif – Frank Kalder (HuffPost profile/comments) 

Volkswagen (VW) and Porsche moving toward a deal

July 24, 2009


The tables turned … earlier this year after credit markets turned anemic and Porsche’s net debt ballooned to EUR10 billion amid the financial crisis. Volkswagen came to the rescue of its suitor, granting Porsche a EUR700 million loan in March after its struggled to secure enough financing from its banks.

Volkswagen now plans to gradually build up a stake in Porsche’s core sports-car operations with the final goal being a merger with Porsche’s holding company. Lower Saxony’s governor, Christian Wulff, said the merger should be completed in the middle of 2011.

Porsche is set to become the 10th brand of Volkswagen, but it will remain largely independent with its head office in Stuttgart… Read more at The Wall Street Journal 

The merger, which is planned for 2011, would bring Porsche under the umbrella of Europe’s biggest car and truck empire, where it would join other famous marques including Audi, Bugatti and Bentley. (Financial Times) 

Here’s, supplementary, a currently complete VW marques table.

Amended, Aug 18:  Porsche Volkswagen merger edges forward (Tudor)

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