US Health Care Reform and its requirements


Is Health Care Reform About to Go the Way of No Child Left Behind?


The White House has now shown itself willing to cave on the two essential elements of real health care reform — drug price negotiations and having a public option (s. Wall Street Journal)

Both are crucial to containing costs. The right to negotiate drug prices is how free markets operate — taking advantage of economies of scale and the bargaining power that comes with bulk purchasing. To give this up should be abhorrent to anyone who believes in a functioning capitalist system, as opposed to what we are increasingly becoming: an oligarchy of powerful interests. In the same way, having a public option is the only meaningful way to provide competition leading to lower insurance costs.

Giving us health care reform without those key ingredients is like serving a PBJ sandwich without the peanut butter or the jelly… Read more (by Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post) 

It’s greatly appreciated that Dr. Dean Ornish – new HuffPost’s Medical Editor (here’s his latest post)  – will be recruiting writers with a wide range of wellness related perspectives which may help to overcome the current costly and inefficient health care plan.

Supplementary: Global Haplifnet Roundups

haplif – Frank Kalder (HuffPost profile/comments)


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