Biz Stone’s New Terms of Service for Twitter


As announced by an e-mail from the Twitter founder Biz Stone (September 12) his very fast-growing community has got new terms of service.

Related to “Potential of global Twitter usage till 2013” there’s been an appreciable communication (see several comments in German) with Enni Sander.

In order to enable this type of worthwhile talk on a wider (global) scale, I suggest to continue the commenting in English right here…   

haplif – Frank Kalder (Global Haplifnet)


6 Responses to Biz Stone’s New Terms of Service for Twitter

  1. haplifnet says:

    Meanwhile I found what may probably have been identified as a bug or glitch which caused my temporary suspension. I wrote on Sep 12 “RT @x-user… If you haven’t heard yet Google is hiring! You can read the article at I just signed up my self!”

    Now, I see that the @x-user (who had, of course, another name) has also been suspended. Maybe this or something else (of him) was considered spam by Twitter. Subsequently, while retweeting this, I may’ve been kicked out, too.

  2. haplifnet says:

    @ennisander (Twitter) has tweeted tonight: “A long day and a lot of work. Can’t reply all e-mails, tweets and blog posts even today. Rome wasn’t built in a day either. :)”

    Okay, take your time, Enni! 🙂

    Btw, your ‘success story’ has been updated yesterday: = elite admin …

  3. haplifnet says:

    Noticed at Twitter:

    “Tweets from users you follow may be missing from your timeline

    We are currently working on a critical bug whereby some tweets from users you follow may not appear in your timeline…” – Sep 16

  4. haplifnet says:

    While Enni is back on Facebook, as of today, we are now continuing our regular talks there…

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