The CANEDY CLAN gets people into U.S. MEDIA by PR

April 21, 2010


 About a Full Service Public Relations Firm

Need help getting published?

Don’t wait! It’s time to “define who you are”.


A great starting point is to find out which package best fits people’s needs. If it is wanted to demand a powerful message,

   Nikki Canedy-Kosmoski  


   – Pennsylvania –

will identify a potential customer’s target market, and work – jointly – to determine the right strategy. A custom-built package will be tailored to help reach the pertinent goals and maintain success… Read more on YOUR TICKET TO THE MEDIA   


One of Nikki’s most recent projects is the promotion of


SKIN A DOG book (see Haplifnet feature).




– Nikki and Sean Riggs, most recently, in Philadelphia –


On behalf of Haplif & Haplifnet I wish Nikki and April lots of success!

Frank Kalder (Global Haplifnet)    

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SKIN A DOG author’s smashing DogCatcher appeal

April 17, 2010


This is way-out a most recommendable and unique book:

More Than One Way To Skin A Dog  

by AprilDogCatcherWalker of Philadelphia, USA.


– most gorgeous DogCatcher appeal –

Necessary information allows us to make informed decisions. Women have the right to know the truth about the men in their lives… read more on April’s marvelous website

You may get in contact with her via Twitter and Facebook  or, additionally, subscribe to her smashing NEWSLETTER.

 haplif – Frank Kalder (Global Haplifnet)

Supplementary: DESIGNER FASHION GUIDE – Paris ▪ Milan ▪ London – by Jana Mohd

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UPDATE – April 23, 2010


April “The Dogcatcher” Walker Launches Book Signing Tour at Horizon Books (see SkinaDog Club page on Facebook).

US Political Financial Reform Suggestions

April 6, 2010


Why the Fight for Financial Reform Needs to Get Much More Personal


Yet, when it comes to selling financial reform, Democrats are making the same mistake all over again. The nuts and bolts of the legislation — which are even harder for the public to get its head around than they were with health care — are being given a full airing in Congress, on op-ed pages and blogs, and on TV. And these devilish details — capital requirement levels, proprietary trading restrictions, the independence of the proposed consumer financial protection agency, etc., etc. — are critical. They are critical because it was getting them wrong that promoted the devastation in people’s lives we now see around the country. But the human element is once again getting short shrift.

This is a big-time blunder. Ask the proverbial men and women on the street where they stand on the Volcker Rule, and watch their eyes glaze over. The administration needs to make it clear: we don’t need to overhaul our financial system because the Wall Street sandbox has gotten a little messy, and bank CEO bonuses have gotten too big. We need to overhaul our financial system to make sure that system isn’t rigged to destroy the lives of millions of middle class Americans who worked hard, played by the rules, and ended up holding the short end of the stick when the big banks drove our economy over the edge of the cliff… Read more by Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post

This is a great and thoroughly realistic appraisal of the US political situation — and the perpetuated Democratic mistakes — combined with sound suggestions aiming at what the administration ought to do better.

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 haplif – Frank Kalder (HuffPost profile/comments)