The CANEDY CLAN gets people into U.S. MEDIA by PR

April 21, 2010


 About a Full Service Public Relations Firm

Need help getting published?

Don’t wait! It’s time to “define who you are”.


A great starting point is to find out which package best fits people’s needs. If it is wanted to demand a powerful message,

   Nikki Canedy-Kosmoski  


   – Pennsylvania –

will identify a potential customer’s target market, and work – jointly – to determine the right strategy. A custom-built package will be tailored to help reach the pertinent goals and maintain success… Read more on YOUR TICKET TO THE MEDIA   


One of Nikki’s most recent projects is the promotion of


SKIN A DOG book (see Haplifnet feature).




– Nikki and Sean Riggs, most recently, in Philadelphia –


On behalf of Haplif & Haplifnet I wish Nikki and April lots of success!

Frank Kalder (Global Haplifnet)    

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